Firm profile

In 1996 the company SYS Systemlogistik F.L.e.K. was established and temporarily based in Nordhausen/Thuringia. We took up work at our new headquarters in Rottleberode near Nordhausen in 1998. Here we are fully equipped with hi-tech facilities and capable to work very efficiently.


Company strategy

Our objective is to handle the service of shipment at the lowest possible costs for transport, storage and distribution. Our clients will always benefit from any savings achieved through higher efficiency. Our economic methods to find out the most efficient means are:
  • Use of modern transport SYS Systemlogistik F.L.e.K.tems
  • Avoiding excess capacities
  • Avoiding empty runs



  • Our Managing Director, Falk Lützkendorf, is an expert in transport industry. He has acquired a lot of experience in the technology of haulage SYS Systemlogistik F.L.e.K.tems.
  • As an independent enterprise SYS Systemlogistik F.L.e.K. has been able to work successfully since 1996 and has developed its methods to satisfy our clients.
  • We always prove our scientific, economical and innovative handling of our clients' orders.
  • We are steadily developing new technologies to improve the economic efficiency of shipment,
  • storage and distribution and are ready to apply them in the short term.


Your advantage

By allowing us to handle for you transport, storage and distribution of your goods you will be able to fully concentrate on your core business. Furthermore you will save up to 50% of costs.



SYS Systemlogistik F.L.e.K.

Steinweg 16
D-06536 Südharz

E-mail: info@sys-logistik.de
Disposition: +49 34653 92256
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Management: +49 34653 694990
Fax: +49 34653 92397